If you thought St Andrews was just about golf, think again! Yes, there are 11 great courses hereabouts, but in fact, the vast majority of our visitors don’t play golf. They come here to enjoy the historic buildings, the spectacular beaches, the fascinating museums, and a vibrant arts and cultural scene.
St Andrews Castle has been by turns a fortress, palace and prison. It is largely ruined, battered from centuries of wars, sieges and high tides, but remains a fascinating visit on any trip to St Andrews.
Scotland is world famous for both its golf courses and for its whisky distilleries. But where do you begin? Well, just as a golfer will prefer to play a beautiful and renowned course like Carnoustie or St. Andrew’s, so too the whisky lover should seek out the distilleries that blend solid tours, great whisky, a dose of history and scenic settings into one memorable visit. And don’t forget to ask for a tasting.