It would be unthinkable to visit Liverpool and not see the river. The history of the city, whether honourable (transatlantic cruise liners, port of the Industrial Revolution, European emigration point for the Americas) or dishonourable (the most successful slave-trading port in the 18th century) is closely bound up with that of her river, the Mersey. Down at the Pier Head, which was a dock until around 1900, you will find the Three Graces, three buildings from the height of Liverpool’s prosperity at the turn of the 20th century.
Another almost compulsory stop, at least for fans of the Fab Four. An audio-guided visit takes you around the museum dedicated to the four mop tops and is available in many different languages. On the English version, you hear the voices of Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s sister. An annexe to the Beatles Story has now opened at the Mersey Ferry Terminus at the Pier Head.
Mersey Ferry River Explorer Cruise is a must while you are in Liverpool and gives you a great opportunity to see the constantly evolving waterfront from the deck of a famous ferry.