1989 was the rebirth of Berlin. The former Reichshauptstadt turned into a city in Europe that does not sleep 24 hours. Modern architecture, museums and gourmet restaurants fill the city with vibrant life. Whether you’re interested into classical music or Pop Art, in Berlin every taste is satisfied.
No other monument in Berlin is as famous around the world as Brandenburg Gate, built between 1789 and 1791 to plans by C. G. Langhans on Pariser Platz in the heart of the city. After the Berlin Wall was built in 1961, Brandenburg Gate became impassable for 28 years. As a signature attraction and symbol of German reunification, it now represents the past and present of the German capital in exemplary fashion.
The Gendarmenmarkt is arguably Berlin’s most magnificent square. It is best known for the architectural trio composed of the German and French cathedrals  and Schinkel’s  concert hall which together form one of the most stunning ensembles in Berlin.