The number of exceptional restaurants is without end. Enjoy the Art Deco style with magnificent views of the culinary highlights of chefs de cuisine Alain Ducasse and Michel Rostang. Your taste buds they can be pampered while you be watched from the richly painted ceiling in a Rococo ballroom. Lobster or snails, frogs’ legs and risotto with the final espresso and a Grand Marnier soufflé.
Paris is famous for its unrivaled nightlife and a new crop of clubs is bringing buzz to the city’s nightlife scene. There are so many new spots that Parisiens are saying ça bouge (French for “it’s moving”), and SOPHISTICATED GOLF TOURS  divided our guide into four distinct categories: super-exclusive clubs, clubs with interesting concepts, clubs for late-night revelers, and clubs that move around the city. Whatever suits you most we recommend the perfect place for you.