Uniquely designed 36-hole golf course in Ha Nam which is 65 km away and to the South of Hanoi, the Stone Valley Golf Resort is located near Hanoi will definitely promote a trying but fun round to bring visitors back for more. Stone Valley Golf Resort is the creation of one of the most renowned golf course designers – Brian Curley, who obtained the nickname of “Designer with Golden Hands” for modelling 150 golf sites worldwide, including the series of 10 titanic Mission Hills courses.
Being a very new golf site, Stone Valley Golf Resort’s descriptions are based on Curley’s credible statements. As per his comment, the course offers “dramatic elevation change; however, great care was taken so as to create a walkable golf course.” These poetic tours weave through scenic valleys between magnificent, vegetated mountains. Also, a side note for golf lovers who happen to be fans of movies, including King Kong (2017), this place is often chosen to feature films.