Dormie was built according to Coore & Crenshaw’s Philosophy of Traditional Strategic Golf Design, as being the most rewarding golfing experience, particularly when presented with quality, artistic flare that compliments and preserves the topography of the Natural Terrain.  The challenge for the better golfer is the actual placement of their shots to take advantage of the subtle and some, not so subtle, Fairway contours in order to obtain the best approach to the various size greens – frequently guarded by swales and naturalistic bunkers built by “Bunker Guru”, Jeff Bradley. Coore & Crenshaw’s Greens are known worldwide for their quality and challenging features without relying on exaggerated “Moguls” in their Greens. Both Greens and Fairways are designed and maintained in the Coore & Crenshaw’s tradition of “Hard and Fast” making the contour of both an even greater challenge.