Golf Vacation


Mexico golf vacation – Bien venido. A Mexico Golf trip is a particularly worthwhile destination for European visitors when the playing conditions on the local golf courses are no longer optimal due to the weather. Mexico has numerous world-class golf courses with nearby fantastic resorts and high standard hotels.

Yucatán, the Mexican peninsula with the destination airport of Cancun, is already known to experienced golfers. Your Mexico Golf trip and vacation can begin here.

Yucatan scores with the perfect landscape background for the golf courses, which are mostly located near the coast. Surrounded by evergreen, tropical vegetation with breathtaking views of the Caribbean ocean and the island of Cozumel. Numerous golf courses are located on the Riviera Maya and the highest quality ones include El Camaleón, where the US PGA Tour makes the Mayakoba Event Station. Then there are the courses Yucatán Country Club and the Golf Club Riviera Maya.

The golf courses on Yucatan meander like sparkling pearls along the coast of the turquoise blue sea. Tropical rainforest alternates with the glittering white sandy beach and in between you can catch a glimpse of the walls of the Mayan pyramids behind the tree tops. If you want to see sport, scenic impressions and unique culture combined, Yucatan offers the perfect oasis of wellbeing.

On the Pacific side, the Baja California Sur must be mentioned, for Europeans it is still a real insider tip for a Mexico golf vacation. The golf destination Mexico is perfect for a golf trip or golf vacation in our winter months and is easily accessible by plane from Mexico City or some cities in California.

If you love bizarre landscapes, you should like the Baja California. The Mexican peninsula Baja California borders on the USA to the north, the calm Sea of Cortez lies on the east side, whereas the wild side is influenced by the stormy Pacific. A Baja trip is worthwhile from mid-December to March – then you will meet the giant gray whales that frolic in the shallow waters of the California Gulf.

Gigantic cactus forests, rugged mountain landscapes and secluded beaches and in between planned by master architects, the green fairway tongues located. Greens on steeply sloping cliffs that can cause fear of heights and where every hit that hits is a reward.

Cabo San Lucas is located on the breathtaking south coast of the Mexican Baja and is the ultimate vacation destination. At the center of the world-famous corridor, Cabo del Sol offers an incomparable and luxurious Baja lifestyle experience. World-class golf and accommodations, exciting tourist experiences with water sports and in the mountains, rare beaches and much more. The best golf clubs are privately run, like Quivira and Diamante. The latter, with a total of two 18 holes and a brand new short course, has a course created by Tiger Woods. Nevertheless, access can be granted for selected guests who also appreciate a luxurious ambience at the accommodation. There are also courses from Palmilla and Cabo del Sol The Cove as further golf delicacies. All of these courses have the hallmark that your course architects are world famous, which of course affects the quality of the golf courses.

If a location has been awarded the best golf course and resort rating in Mexico in 2019, then this should be a reason alone to combine a golf trip there with a Mexico golf vacation. The Resort Villa del Palmar located in Loreto with the TPC Danzante Bay golf course offers everything a discerning golfer dreams of.

Mexico is the ideal travel destination for people interested in sports and culture. It offers an incredible abundance and diversity: colonial cities, pre-Columbian cultural heritage, varied landscapes and wonderful beaches. And natural golf courses that meet the highest demands.