Golf Vacation

An Argentina golf vacation is a promise for a Premium Golf Destination for avid travellers looking for the perfect combination of great golf courses and unforgettable landscapes on the Southern Hemisphere.

Argentina can be the stage performing a golf holiday of discovery, where you will uncover the rich colours and vibrant atmosphere of cities such as Buenos Aires, in addition to experiencing some of South America’s finest golfing possibilities.

Argentina is a more than an once-in-a-lifetime trip. During your first visit you should reserve two weeks or more. Time will run faster than ever expected.  We recommend a stay in the capital and a couple of short hops to sample the best of the best of golf courses and leisure activities. Buenos Aires offers comfortable to luxurious hotels oozing South American atmosphere. Festivals of dance and wine are aided by Argentina’s legendary steak, making this buzzing city one of the most amazing and most enjoyable in South America. Add to this the fantastic golf courses of the surrounding area, which include The Jockey Club, the oldest and most distinguished in the country.

Undoubtedly Patagonia suggests the most amazing latitudes of the globe. At the southernmost tips of continental Argentina, the Andean mountain Range shows a variety of natural beauties that will surprise the tourist, among which glaciers, wonderful forest and lakes of glacier origin can be enjoyed. But I will be simply your task to concentrate on your golf game when you tee off against the spectacular backdrop of the Andes.

Argentina is often called the “land of extremes” because it is a cultural and geographical melting pot. Argentina never fails to amaze. It is a country to explore, a land of extreme contrasts and undeniable beauty. Watch a tango show or, better still, learn how to tango dance at the lively milongas.

Amazing weather during Northern Hemisphere’s winter period, brilliant wines, magic culture and friendly locals waiting for you.