The oldest residential neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, San Telmo exudes a special historical vibe As one of the most important centres during the 19th century, San Telmo has preserved many of Buenos Aires’ architectural landmarks, museums, antique shops and old churches that nowadays serve as a backdrop for business, cultural events and day to day activities.
This wonderfully colourful neighbourhood right next to the old port of Buenos Aires, La Boca is synonymous with both tango and football. With its multi-coloured houses and taverns, the neighbourhood maintains its tango tradition, football passion, and Italian roots.
La Recoleta is the most famous cemetery and without doubt one of the most remarkable sights of Buenos Aires. It is located in a wealthy neighborhood, and it is known for its beautiful architecture and as the burial place of some famousArgentineslikeEvitaPeron, the First Lady of the Argentine president Juan Peron between 1947 and 1952.
Tango music and dance first began to gain widespread recognition in working class districts of Buenos Aires and Montevideo in the middle of the 19th century, with the movement emerging as a fusion between distinct European and African styles with influences from Cuba and elsewhere in the Spanish-speaking Americas. Enjoy either an original steet tango or visit a fabulous tango show.