Called the “waterfront” by locals, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is a working harbour and entertainment hub rolled into one. You’ll find some of Cape Town’s best restaurants here along with a hopping nightlife, brew pubs and plenty of shops to spend your money in. While checking out malls may not be the main reason you’re visiting South Africa – the waterfront is a nice area to stroll around in and feel safe, day or night.
It’s only an hour’s drive from Cape Town and driving througout a very impressive scenery, but the famous Cape Winelands feel like a different world. There are rolling vineyards, towering mountains, historic wine estates and more than enough wine to keep even the thirstiest old soak satisfied. Cape wine enjoys an impressive reputation, and the Winelands are home to most of South Africa’s premier wine estates.
South African food is often described as ‘rainbow’ cuisine, influenced by Dutch, English, Cape Malay and Indian settlers. Cape Town’s restaurants are abundant with traditional bobotie, milk tart, spicy sosaties, curries, pap, game and boerewors. But it’s not just about eating the food. Music, dancing, culture and unique South African hospitality are sure to make your dining experience memorable. There are uncountable places to choose as well as in Cape Town or a short drive outside.